Saturday, November 27, 2010

Caprilu Limone Recipe


It seems only yesterday that we were here to write our thoughts on the hot, melted asphalt rubber outsole and highly breathable fabric .. I had to laugh when they open this morning the door the whole country around me was dressed in ice! Physiologically

I had noticed a couple of days ago and humidity typical of November we were leaving as the leaves are finished sweeping the yard, because the rheumatic pain in the back that I carry around for years had ceased to bite, with My great solievo, leaving ostacoletti jump, stepped funicella come neppure il Rambo o il Rocky Balboa degli anni migliori facevano!

Il potenziamento poi è proseguito sul cavalcavia della statale San Vitale all'altezza di Sant'Agata e mentre facevo le mie ripetute tranquillo sulla ciclabile un camionista inizia a strombazzare,subito mi sono chiesto cosa volesse,ma quando mi ha gridato bella gnocca...Ho capito che la mia pantacalza deve farmi proprio un bel culo!Poi non è che tutti quelli coi capelli lunghi appartengano al gentil sesso king of the road che non sei altro!!e mentre pensavo questa cosa e finivo la sesta salita lui deve aver visto i baffi e a tirato su il vetro in tutta fretta,ed avendo i vetri con la manovella la scena è stata esilarante perchè la mia mente malata ha concluso: Ok traded for a pussy but at least masturbate only when you get home, perverted ;-)!!

Returning to the present, however, left this morning for a long slow path I decide to vary, in the street when I see a huge white presence in the distance .. just kidding myself I tell myself that it's really not a bear but reality has it that a fat Maremma and heads straight toward me!
I started screaming like a madman and a plot that leaves the owner called the "jaws of stray," he repeats the usual old story that much does not bite! But I
I read the newspaper two days ago I wonder if the Rodvailler 40kg which savaged Pertile in Padua had never bitten before! O what has to O'brist asportaro a piece of calf, forcing him to not know how many points and months on the sidelines!
If I was a careless driver and I will "ironed" you gave me dell'idiota murderess ... And if I had said I'd never killed anyone before! I bet you gave them two slaps me happy!

I do not have pets, but it's so hard to put a leash on the dog and if you wear them when walking is the only time they have to be free are you sure that you love your animals?

The second I close here today in this country of Ferrara see if the leg is improved on the mud, even if this ice better than shorten the nails at 12mm!  


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